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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Worm Is Back

Well it seems like forever but recently I received a message from some old school chums, it's hard ta believe 20 some years have passed by already but now that we are in contact... fuck it's amazing wht technology can do ...if only ity could stop the wars and educate the fucking brain-dead republicans.... well guess we can keep hoping and praying ... but it was great ta hear from the Chops and BO Battern shit we have so many years ta catch up on

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 21st 2009 Magical Day

What a Day talked to a very special Lady in Odecca and wished Her a Happy Birthday , Hung out at the Como Park/Arboretum/Zoo with JACC,Wifey and Baby Cat , the fern forest room was fuckin awsome damn I want a hammock there year round , then later that night JACC and I went to to the Varsity for a concert and watched " The Church "perform with Adam Franlkin opening for them. I want to thank the Church'es Management/Tiere (Damn U'r Hott) miigwich for the press passes (and be sending something down under for you and the band ) all in all it was a great weekend and the Gabester is back :)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Lady and I wish your Dreams May Come True

With Love Always

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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Damn it's hard to fantom that this day would ever come, previously in my past lives it was hard to believe I'd make it to 28...but that was a Long time ago and another person...seems almost like another world or dimension..... but here it is the big 40, so as luck may have it my birthday was very mellow NO big party ...just the way i wanted it, do I feel like 40 in some ways fuck yeah.... my body is feelin the aches and pains, damn I'll be fucked in another 40 years..... but in others hell no still feel like in my 20's , and the song that keeps popi in my head is Beatles 64 , How did I celebrate my birthday? a wild wicked booze drug crazed party...nope, a ceremonial journey,,, Nope it was going to the Superior A & W with my son is how I celebrated my 40th Birthday...after all it's Not about ME but about making my son happy something he can remember as for celebrations there are many a day for those to bloom in the near future.As for my birhday, well I received a call in the wee hours of around 5:30 A,M from a very Sexy and Beautiful lady from Odecca who wished me a Happy Birthday and "interesting" future ......

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Fever, Back from the Dead

It's that time of year when I crawl out of the catacombs , days growing longer, cacti starting to grow again and time to get planting and spring to life with energy, this year I finally decided to give the Hoodia Succulents a grow ta see what all the hype is about, so far these little babies are growing at an impressive rate, I have some other cacti sprouting and I will try to plant some yucca as well as go thru archives and see what else I can start. more photos ta come

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Its a Freezing New Year But A Very Happy One and I look forward to this new year just like so many others across this wonderful Planet of ours ..............

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chinese Democracy or Cash In Now!?

Well it's been 15 years in the making and this past Sunday Axl and Best Buy ? released the Chinese Democracy album to the General Public, of course over the years various incarnations of this project have crept out including back in 2007 for a very short time on commercial radio before being yanked from being released, although yours truly has been playing various tracks from this album from almost inception of Radio Clandestino hitting the airwaves. So the question is WHY NOW? is it YOU are getting hard up for money? and feel the time to cash in is NOW before the entire economy hits the shit fan? is this your attempt to "stimulate the economy" and bring hope to the millions upon millions of fans worldwide? is this due to the election of Barak Obama? (But for your info, if THIS WAS the case Axl you should have picked another source for a Sunday release, because as the record shows Bestbuy WAS one of the TOP financial supporters of the GOP convention this past Summer, NOT a group or business one would associate with Democracy most would argue)or was it the fact that TOO many copies were being leaked to the masses and it was either release now while you still have some control? as for the "official release" I am very glad it was better late than never and now the millions of fans can personally posses and listen to what just a few of us had the sweet pleasures of enduring. As for real Chinese Democracy? well it looks the only way the Chinese Fans will get a taste is from the bootlegs on the streets(As if THEY weren't already out there) Well I guess I lost the bet, what would come first, release of this album, Serious Solutions to Global Warming or Real Chinese Democracy, Yeah once again Axl you come out on top.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Secretary Of State or Secretary of Mistake?

Well I think President Elect Obama has made his first and major mistake and HE isn't EVEN in office yet, what do i mean? well asking Senator Clinton to be Secretary Of State, I know I know he had to at least offer her a top notch postition but this!? I already see trouble clouds on the Horizion. First of all she and her husband bring all their baggage and skeletons with them, you know like Billy Boyz palz from"Plan Colombia" and NAFTA and what about her loyalty to Isreal and the Jews? how does President Obama think he can have real dialogue with Iran,Syria, and the Palestinians when his Secretary of State already has a bias , I see a showdown and rogue Secretary of State running amok in the near future. and at a time like this the LAST thing America needs is a war with Iran, Venesuela, North Korea or another Cold War with Russia because THIS time THEY will WIN, after all they have wealth from Oil and Natural Gas so THEY can fiancially beat us this time unlike last time when Ronald Dickhead Reagan got lucky and beat them first. Yes My President I do believe this was a major blunder and I am offended that Senator Russ Feingold and Congressman Dennis Kucinich have NOT been accepted into the "Inner Circle" that it has mostly been "Clintonians" and this is a major dissappointment to me I know you have great ideas and plans but America needs some fresh "blood" if you will and as for Foreign Diplomicy my first move would be to send a delegation comprised of Native Americans down to Venesuela to open dialogue and as a potential trade delegation, after all what better diplomatic team? Natives from the North meeting with the South, the cultural connection, heritage connection,historical connestion and struggle? it would be political sucicide NOT to. The time for mending ties and friendship is NOW after all Iran, Venesuela, and North Korea were all once friends and this IS the time of need to have friends like them, after all it was a Republican President(Dwight D Eisenhower) who once said, " If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends, You talk to your Enemies." So Mr. President do you think your choice CAN do THIS? I have my serious doubts, as for you, I I see YOU as a man who can... I only hope you can control the"Genie".

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